Thursday, January 21, 2010

Around the World in 30 days

At least that's the feeling I get. DW is being admitted to the Devereux Treatment Network facility in the morning. This is typically known as PRTF - Permanent Residential Treatment Facilitation or Facility.  He begins with a 30-day evaluation and diagnosis process that hopefully, will give us some more definitive answers on what his condition truly is. We are hoping that the intensive therapy and evaluation that he will receive during this time will help bring him up a few levels with his social skills and ability to interact with others. If the therapy does what the doctors have told us it might, we could bring a nearly normal (bi-polar) 14 year old boy. It will take long-term social skills training to keep him on course and moving through -- but we are confident that with the help he'll be getting he will be able to succeed. 
He is such a bright, intelligent, sensitive child, that IF this succeeds -- he'll be the next Nobel Prize winner... seriously! 
Well -- for now that's it, more later on his adventures at the facility, for now, mom has laundry and packing to do!