Friday, April 23, 2010

A letter to my son

Ah, little man, how we miss you! Your absence creates an atmosphere of waiting in our house - we're going through the motions of life -but we're really not living it... not now, not with you gone. 
I gave your dog a haircut last night - she looks so cute now:
I also gave her a bath, and conditioned her hair - now she's soft and shiny! Of course, she misses you too - we all do. 

When we talked to you on the phone the other day, you said you were acting out because we can't come up to see you more often... We know that you feel hurt, and lonely that we aren't there more often, but frankly sweetheart, we can't afford it... and honestly, the visits are so very hard for us. 
We put you in that place so that you could get the help you need to overcome the things you've been through. But now, you seem to be so resistant to help - they are trying so hard to get through to you, but you've been so programed to accept that everything bad is your fault, and everything good is deserved by someone other than you. You resist their efforts to show you how much more of life you could enjoy if you would just let down your guard and let people in to help you heal! 
You are special... you're smart, funny, energetic, and so charismatic! You could have the world as your oyster if you could get past the issues that plague you from the past. If you would just let us love you, and accept that you are enough just how you are! 
We love you dearly!!! And we miss you BIG!